"A true conservationist is a man who knows that the world is not given by his fathers but borrowed from his children." - John James Audubon



Welcome to Hancock Permaculture.



SPRING 2017- Five weekends over five months. $700.
Near Hancock, Catskills, NY.
Peace Temple is a work in progress on 68 acres. It's  three hours from NYC in the picturesque north-west Catskills. Peace Temple's objective is peaceful community events where art, music, creativity, spiritual growth, respect for nature intersect. A design collaboration with Hancock Permaculture Center.  
Following our 2015 permaculture course at Peace Temple we'll design and implement projects from the course. There will be field visits to other sites in the Catskills. Most of this course will be held outside in nature. There will be fire and ceremony, wholesome food and festivities. We'll create sacred space,  facilitating and applying permaculture principles in a living work-in-progress. Five modules, five weekends over five months as the seasons change. Graduates of this 72 hour course receive the permaculture design certificate which permits you to teach the permaculture tradition.

WHEN: April thru August 2015. Five modules, five weekends over five months:

April 22/23, May 13/14, June 10/11, July 15/16, August 19/20.

WHERE: Peace Temple, 2995 Hathaway Pond Road, Hancock NY 13783, northern Catskills in the NYC watershed. Located approximately 20 minutes from Hancock NY, Three hours from NYC. MAP
COST:  $600 ($120 per weekend module) includes all organic meals. Payment paid per module.Send deposit of $120 to ensure a place in this course:
Hancock Permaculture         
372 West Front Street             
Hancock NY 13783
Kyle Murray with Vladamir Kuperman.
John Janiszewski owner Wildflower Farm - indoor fish and organic fertilizer production - on site visit near Delhi.


Andrew Leslie Phillips, Hancock Permaculture founder and lead instructor. 


What is Permaculture?

 Permaculture is an ethical design system based on:

• Care of Earth.

• Care of people. 

• Return of surplus to both.


Permaculture is a philosophy that works with rather than against Nature. It encourages protracted & thoughtful observation rather than protracted & thoughtless action; examines plants and animals in all their functions acknowledging and expanding connections toward a sustainable and abundant life.  Permaculture benefits and repairs  environments and builds a better life for you and your community. It's a proven design system - systems thinking - using and applying old knowledge in new ways. And it's something that can sustain you for the rest of your life.  


Here is a video of my teacher Geoff Lawton, probably the best and most prolific teacher in the world today and direct link to Permaculture founder, Bill Mollison.. Now permaculture has gone online. It's a great way to delve into  principles and theories but there is nothing like hands-on permaculture - shared learning, networking with like-minded folks, hands-on in community and that's  Hancock Permaculture!

Permaculture principles illustrated by Geoff Lawton video.

Our course is close to the land; a journey through the seasons as the months pass in the beautiful Catskills.  Site visits like: Yemana Sanders , an artist and medicinal herb gatherer living off-grid in an elegant straw bale home with three other straw  bale examples used for retreats, meditation and ceremony. Other nearby organic farms -  indoor aquaculture at Wildflower FarmLucky Dog Farm and Food Hub; an exciting spring-water production start-up; businesses transforming the land and food systems in the Catskills toward a sustainable bio-region. We are located in the New York City watershed and you'll see the massive reservoirs that supply NYC in the pristine Catskills, small artisan villages and antique bargains, farm-to-table restaurants, trout farms and maple syrup producers, home breweries and distilleries, off-grid homesteads - the heart and soul of the evolving Catskills.



  We offered two permaculture offerings this spring, 2015. One at Lucky Dog Farm designing around a 160 acre organic farm, a store, cafe, a food hub and the Hamden Inn in the context of the community and bio-region. The other at Peace Temple, an evolving community on a 68 acre wooded site; a gathering place for community events where art, music, creativity, spiritual growth, respect for nature are pursued.



Lucky Dog Farm, Hamden, New York.

The dam and spillway of the Pepacton Reservoir, Downsville, NY near Lucky Dog Farm.


Dick Riseling and Maria Grimaldi  at Apple Pond Farm

Shehawken - "The Wedding of the Waters", Hancock, NY.  

On location at Mountain Dell Farm

Students become teachers.



Bill Mollison.



With deep sorrow, we wish to inform family and friends that Bruce Charles “Bill” Mollison, the “Father of Permaculture,” has passed away. He departed peacefully from this world in Hobart, Tasmania, just before 11 pm AEST, on the 24th of September, 2016.

After founding Permaculture Institute in 1978, he formalized the training of practitioners, which directly impacted hundreds of thousands of lives, and indirectly many millions more. For his service to humanity, he was honored with numerous awards, including the Right Livelihood Award in 1981. But of all the accolades he received, the one he was most proud of was the Vavilov Medal, in large part due to the tenacity, courage, and contributions of the award’s namesake, who Bill considered a personal hero. Bill was also the first foreigner invited and admitted to the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

Bill will be missed by many who loved him for his strength, courage, intellect, humor, and benevolence. He gifted so much to the world: a vision and framework for a positive future, a special concern for developing countries, and above all, hope.

This is the Bill that the public knew.

For those who were his intimates, words are especially difficult, breaking under the weight of what the heart feels and longs to express.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Bill’s family and close friends, who kindly request privacy and space during this difficult grieving period; at an appropriate time, a public memorial will be announced for those who wish to formally extend their condolences.

A massive tree in the forest of humanity has fallen. But in keeping with Bill’s invincible optimism, these verses from the great mystic, Rumi, are perhaps most appropriate:

When you see my procession, don’t cry, “Gone, gone!”
For me it is a time of meeting and reunion.
As you lower me into the grave, don’t say, “So long.”
When you see that lowering down, consider a rising.
What harm is there in the setting of a sun or moon?
What seems a setting to you is a dawning.
What seed goes into the earth and does not grow?
Why are you doubting this human seed?

Bill, you will never be forgotten.

The above is an official statement of the Permaculture Research Institute, prepared at the request of Bill’s widow, Lisa Mollison.