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the Hancock Permaculture folks are up to!  


Andrew Jones teaching at Mt. Dell Farm.

Class of fall 2008 at Mountain Dell Farm.

Class of fall 2007 - SUNY Lock Sheldrake course.



Permaculture Design Certificate 2004, New Orleans.


Aussie at the alter HPC gathering 2010.

Ethan Roland helps student plant temperate papaya tree at Hancock Permaculure Center forest garden.


Making bread at Hancock.The skilled hands of Russell Honicker the outlaw baker.


Laying compost for Mandala keyhole garden


Design project with survey map.


Andrew Jones, Patrick Blacklock, Albert Bates, Colleen Blacklock, Andrew Leslie Phillip. Catskills seminar tour.


 Geoff Lawton plants the first tomato seedling at Hancock, 2004.

Class of spring 2007 at Hancock Permaculture Center.


Class of spring 2009 at local homestead


Students survey property, Blueberry Lake, spring 2007


Permaculture certificate course, Melbourne, Australia - 2005.


Thoughtful Debra and Paul at design presentations.


Fiesta time at Mt. Dell Farm Harvest Festival - two Andrews, one Julie and the bloke with the beer.

Laurie Schoeman, Executive Director New York Sun Works, visiting teacher.

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